“The Lone Wolf Problem”


It was touched on briefly in an earlier section of the archive, but the entire purpose of examining these documents is to understand how much the narrative we’re being fed shapes us, and how ‘subtle’ that narrative can be.

Here we go over the ‘lone wolf’ phenomenon, and how odd it is that whenever a white man murders multiple people, they’re termed a ‘shooter’ instead of killer, thug, or terrorist. The first things you’ll see about them (and you can watch this phenomenon live as the Abortion clinic shooting story unfolds) is that they were always some form of ‘loner’ and will be called ‘mentally ill’, regardless of how alone or how mentally ill they actually were.

Never are their actions a result of a wider phenomenon, never are the ‘leaders of the white community’ called to task and told to take responsibility for these murderers, and never are their actions linked to a wider culture of violence. (Except perhaps violent videogames, but that excuse has fallen out of favor.)

The dichotomy is as clear as the hypocrisy is.


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