“Death is Catching.”


Although I think the documents I have compiled for this archive tell the story well enough, and I think it is understood that black men being villified in the media and then being murdered due to fear and misunderstanding is an actual problem, inevitably there will be the person who disbelieves.

To that person or persons I say, ‘have a graph’. African-Americans are more than two times as likely as any other race in America to be killed by police. More than two times as likely. Ruminate on that for a moment. The people who are hired and payed from taxpayer pockets to keep people safe are killing black people two times as often as they kill anyone else.

There are two conclusions to draw from this.
Conclusion A: Black people are more than twice as dangerous than any other race of person, inherently.
Conclusion B: Black people are unfairly typecast as dangerous by the media, by police, by average Americans, and as a result of being perceived as dangerous, are unjustly killed by the people who should be protecting them.

Consider the documents within this archive, and I think coming to the correct conclusion is easy.


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