“50 Cent Chokehold”

Eric Garner.
Another well-known case, Garner was killed for selling unfiltered cigarettes (which cost the city approximately 50 cents) and refusing to comply with his arrest. No CPR was performed on him after he was choked, cuffed, and left on the street, despite him saying he couldn’t breath eleven times before losing consciousness.

By now we know the details, right? Its all old news. What we don’t understand, perhaps purposefully, is the coverage of his death. Every single crime Garner had ever committed was dragged into the open. We saw the same thing with Mike Brown, with Trayvon Martin, and perhaps the only reason we haven’t seen it in other cases like Tamir Rice is because Rice was too young to be labeled a ‘thug’ yet.

The unspoken message is as loud as it can get. ‘If you commit a crime, the police are entitled to murder you’. Why is that message being broadcast? The inability for whites to understand that something may lurk behind black faces besides anger and violence is to blame. The -veil- is to blame. And until we recognize as a culture that that veil still exists, people will continue to die. Murdered by the organization they pay their taxes to to keep them safe.


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