I’m sure you’ve seen this one by now. Laquan McDonald, shot seventeen-eighteen (depending on who you hear it from) times, once in the head, while fleeing police officers on foot with a folded knife in his pocket, high on PCP. Another officer afraid for his life. You know how this ends.

A dead man with a bullet in his head and a cop kicking his corpse.

And watching the video, you can see McDonald veer away from the officer, knife still folded, as he attempts to escape. He still dies, and the overarching message for black men in America is becoming more clear. If you flee the police, you die. If you hold your hands up, you die. Don’t attract their attention, and you live.

This is the message we’re being told about our public servants. The people who exist to keep us safe. Because they have no way of knowing if we mean them harm.


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